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Oak Ridge History Museum is located at the Midtown Community Center, 102 Robertsville Road in Oak Ridge Tennessee. This historic building is located across from Bissell Park adjacent to Kroger.


10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


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 Notice: The museum will be closed on Friday, May 24th.

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The Midtown Community Center, also referred to as the Wildcat Den is home to the Oak Ridge Heritage and Preservation Association. There are several exhibits on hand, showcasing artifacts and photographs from the Manhattan Project including a replica dorm room. The Wildcat Den can be rented for group meetings and special events.

ORPHA Contact for Scheduling Information – (865) 599-7208

Tour Information – call (865) 806-0390

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The Oak Ridge Story and Manhattan Project Timeline

On June 17, 1942, President Roosevelt approved the report recommending the creation of the project, soon to be known as the Manhattan Engineer District. On September 19th, 1942, the Oak Ridge site, named the Clinton Engineer Works, was chosen to produce the materials which would be used to fuel a nuclear weapon. Two months following the site selection, construction began to create the material, enriched uranium, and to create a city to support those workers and their families who came to this East Tennessee area to help end World War II.

Planners initially envisioned a population of 13,000. Within a few months, project plant operators and city planners were raising their estimates to 42,000 and then to 62,000. The City of Oak Ridge grew to a population of around 75,000 by the summer of 1945. By December 1946, the population had dropped to 42,465. The Manhattan Engineer District implemented plans to develop and provide the necessary housing, commercial, utility, school and medical facilities to recruit and retain the highly specialized personnel required for construction and operation of the industrial plants.1

The four main plants: X-10 (Graphite Reactor), Y-12 (Electromagnetic Separation), K-25 (Gaseous Diffusion), and S-50 (Liquid Thermal Diffusion) were constructed from 1943 to 1945.

Oak Ridge Heritage & Preservation Association accepts donations for the History Museum.

More information can be found at ORHPA.com

Katie the Calutron Girl visits ORHM!

Oak Ridge’s own Katie the Calutron Girl recently toured our museum. Watch and learn about all of the interesting stories held within these walls!

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